Remote units are weatherproof external mount modules that are installed on the bumper or grill of the vehicles. Models come in various configurations for radar/laser detection and/or radar/laser scrambling.

SWS – Safety Warning System and SA – Safety Alert are alerts for emergency vehicles that transmit these safety signals. These signals transmit on K band. Rocky Mountain Radar models detect all safety warning radar signals, including SWS & SA. We do not decode their information, because we believe that the driver should not be

With the use of a voice chirp, alerts are spoken via a digitally recorded message.

The radar scrambler is passive and the laser scrambler is active.

As of September 1st, 2011 a bill sponsored by Rodney Anderson (WY), Joe Driver(TX), Allen Miller Fletcher(VT), Linda Harper-Brown(?) and Florence Shapiro(TX) -Texas bans use of scramblers on street and highways.

NO, it will NOT alert you to any police radar. It is not designed to provide detection. It will not alert you when it is scrambling. We recommend the use of a radar detector in conjunction with the scramblers

If there is no sound detecting but only at the start up, the unit is in mute. Start up ignores any settings you have it on. No sound at all (even at setup) then you must send the unit in for warranty repair to the manufacturer.

Check the following: 1) The on/off thumbwheel on the side of the unit 2) The fuse in the power cord. (To check the fuse in the power cord, unscrew the silver tip end that plugs into the cigarette lighter. If the fuse is blown, replace with a 2 amp fast burning fuse). 3) The fuse

On the C475 and C495 select the tone using the menu button. Press and hold the menu button for 5 seconds to go into menu mode. When menu is displayed press and release in step increments until the English voice/Spanish voice is displayed then use the select button to select desired language. On The Judge

Make sure you have not put the unit in the mute mode. The unit will stay in mute even if you turn the unit off and back on again. The unit has memory, whatever function you place it in will remain until you change it. Another way of checking if it is on mute is

Rocky Mountain Radar was the first to recognize and design for POP detection two years ago. Rocky Mountain Radar products are 87-100% effective; since we introduced POP detection to the Industry all our competitors now claim to have that ability but they fail to disclose that their best POP detection is less than 50% regardless

The laser scrambling circuit transmits a series of pulses at the same wavelength used by the police laser guns (Lidar), which are electronically timed at about 100 feet apart. When the pulses pass through the windshield they will lose up to 50% of their power. The power output is 6 to 10 times that needed

Several years ago, Cobra Electronics donated $1,000,000 worth of police radar transmitters to the El Paso Independant School Disctrict (EPISD) as ‘safety devices’ If you’re driving in El Paso and approach an EPISD school bus your detector may alert you to K-band. We cannot filter/block this alert as it is the same frequency currently in

It works on all police radar bands (x, k, ka, super wide). Inside the scrambler are 3 parts: 1) A FM chirp generator 2) A mixer diode 3) A dual ridge wave guide antenna When the scrambler is hit by a signal, it will take the signal, and run it through the mixer, add the

Hold down the mute button for 3 seconds this will change the tone. On the C475 select the tone using the menu button. Press and hold the menu button for 5 seconds to go into menu mode. When menu is displayed press and release in step increments until the high or low tone is displayed

Phantom-T, C430, C435, – The “T” light will light up during the start up with a soft chirp sound. When hit by radar/laser the light will not come on again. C475 & C495 – Will display the word “SCRAMBLE” with a soft chirp. Also at the end of start up mode it will display “SCRM

1) Press and Hold the Menu button down. 2) When Menu Mode is displayed, press and release in step increments until the TEST display shows. 3) Then press select button to change the settings. 4) Then Menu mode will exit in a few seconds.

Yes: 1) Clip off the cigarette lighter end and connect the red wire to 12 volts and the other (white) wire to ground. Add an in-line wire fuse to the power side (red wire). The fuses should be a 5 amp/fast burning type. 2) The power cord with the solid white stripe. Connect the white

We do NOT have visor mounts to purchase separate. The only products that do come with Velcro for dash mounting is the KAT products.

Yes, we detect all safety warning radar signals, including SWS & SA the alert signal will be k band. We do not decode their information, because we believe that the driver should not be confused with extra information.

Yes, The Judge, Phantom T, and C495 are 100% undetectable to VG-2, VG-3, Spectre, and Spectre IV. The Judge, Phantom-T and C495 have a Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit that blocks any internal signals from leaking out the antenna.

No, The Judge, Phantom-T and the C495 are not detectable by VG-2 & VG-3. Caution must be used, however, where detectors are not allowed so they are not visually seen. However on the C435 the VG-2 setting must be activated to alert you to VG-2 & VG3.

When you turn on the unit at the end of the start up the power light will flash. This lets you know that the VG-2 detection is activated. On the C475 the VG2 status will display on the screen.

If you enable VG-2, your detector will alert you to the presence of a police detector that scans for radar detectors which may be banned in your state. However, if you do not live in a state where radar detectors are banned, it is recommended to deactivate the VG-2 function as it will help speed

Yes, but that function must be activated for the detector to detect them. The units are not detectable by VG-2/VG-3 when the function is activated.

On Combo units the VG-2 is deactivated. D, DLS and KAT product comes with the VG-2 activated.

No. The combo units ship with the scrambler deactivated. The end customer must activate the scrambler.

Yes, it slows down detection. VG-2 sweeps just like a detector, so to search for VG-2 the detector must stop looking for radar and wait for it to complete its sweep. The amount of time is short – about 1/8th second. While the detector is sweeping, it is not looking for radar. With VG-2 off,

VG-2 is a device police use to detect the leakage from a detector. It is used in states where detectors are banned, and for commercial vehicles. VG-3 is a new unit designed to detect high-end detectors.

We DO NOT sell speakers because of the tamper fee. It is in every manual and on our website under the FAQ’s. We sell accessories ONLY. Any modification done to any unit will result in a tamper fee and may void warranty.

No, a scrambler is a forward scrambler. The combination units detect 360 degrees.The only unit that scrambles 360 degrees is the 8RDSL.

Some states have passed laws that prohibit the use of scramblers; Rocky Mountain Radar has included a switch for consumers to turn the scrambling portion of their units off while traveling through states where they are illegal. We ship all units with the scrambler deactivated. To activate follow the instructions in the the manual.

Yes, your unit will remember the last setting even if powered off or unplugged.

The unit is in Dark Mode. In Dark Mode the unit only shows a small dot moving from left to right. To de-activate Dark Mode just momentarily press the Dim button to select preferred brightness setting.

The EWD is a K filter that The Judge has to prevent false alarms caused by some safety features in newer vehicles, for example Blind-spot/Side-assist/Anti collision warning and other safety technology that operate in K Band frequency.

You must send in proof of purchase to process the ticket if you have lost the form.

You must send in: 1) clear copy of ticket (no tracing) 2) proof of paying ticket 3) court address 4) claim form or proof of purchase

Yes, we do offer to have the ticket rebate program extension for a fee of $25.00 before the one year expires. It would be $25.00 per person for an additional 1 year of coverage.

Yes, it will be $19.95 to add a second person under the same registration number.To add another person call 915-587-0307.

Tennessee, California, Puerto Rico and outside of the United States.

California and Tennessee

The registration card enrolls you in our 1 (one) year ticket rebate program. If you ever happen to receive a laser or radar ticket (based on what unit you have) within the one year we will have you on file. You may register online or send the registration cards complete and signed. The DLS/KAT/LJR and

If the unit has been opened or tampered with, there is a fee. See chart below: 1) “C” (combo) and 8RDS – $150.00 2) PhazerII/Phazer3 and 8RD – $75.00 3) KAT 500 & KAT 600 – $75.00 4) Matrix & Traxx – $75.00

With exception of the The Judge, we require Proof of Purchase for all Units. The price for the out of warranty repair on units is as follows: All “C” combo units and the 8RDS – $62.00 All KAT, D, DLS, 8RD models – $25.00 PhazerII/Phazer3 – $37.00

We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express and money orders/cashier checks. If you send a personal check, we will hold your unit for 12 days.

Out of warranty fees are:All D, DLS models and KAT models are $25.00 All scrambler only models are $37.00 All combo units are $62.00

Send in:  1) unit 2) power cord 3) physical return address 4) telephone number 5) proof of purchase 6) short note stating the problem ***If you are paying for an out of warranty unit you MUST include the payment with the unit or pay when we receive the unit.  No unit will be repaired until

The FCC regulates all consumer products that transmit or leak radio frequency into the air (Part 15 of the FCC code). Since the scrambler and the combination units do not transmit but merely act as a reflective receiver they are legal under the FCC regulations. Regarding the laser scrambler, there are no Federal laws against

All Scramblers are factory set to the off Position: For The Judge, C495, and C475  1.To turn the scrambler on/off 1. Press and hold the Menu button approximately 3-5 seconds or until “MENU” is displayed. Note: If no button is pressed for approximately 10 seconds the unit will automatically “Exit” the Menu mode. 2. Press

Yes, all of our units are compliant and certified.

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