Remote units are weatherproof external mount modules that are installed on the bumper or grill of the vehicles. Models come in various configurations for radar/laser detection and/or radar/laser scrambling.

SWS – Safety Warning System and SA – Safety Alert are alerts for emergency vehicles that transmit these safety signals. These signals transmit on K band. Rocky Mountain Radar models detect all safety warning radar signals, including SWS & SA. We do not decode their information, because we believe that the driver should not be

With the use of a voice chirp, alerts are spoken via a digitally recorded message.

The radar scrambler is passive and the laser scrambler is active.

As of September 1st, 2011 a bill sponsored by Rodney Anderson (WY), Joe Driver(TX), Allen Miller Fletcher(VT), Linda Harper-Brown(?) and Florence Shapiro(TX) -Texas bans use of scramblers on street and highways.

NO, it will NOT alert you to any police radar. It is not designed to provide detection. It will not alert you when it is scrambling. We recommend the use of a radar detector in conjunction with the scramblers

If there is no sound detecting but only at the start up, the unit is in mute. Start up ignores any settings you have it on. No sound at all (even at setup) then you must send the unit in for warranty repair to the manufacturer.

Check the following: 1) The on/off thumbwheel on the side of the unit 2) The fuse in the power cord. (To check the fuse in the power cord, unscrew the silver tip end that plugs into the cigarette lighter. If the fuse is blown, replace with a 2 amp fast burning fuse). 3) The fuse