No, a scrambler is a forward scrambler. The combination units detect 360 degrees.The only unit that scrambles 360 degrees is the 8RDSL.

Some states have passed laws that prohibit the use of scramblers; Rocky Mountain Radar has included a switch for consumers to turn the scrambling portion of their units off while traveling through states where they are illegal. We ship all units with the scrambler deactivated. To activate follow the instructions in the the manual.

Yes, your unit will remember the last setting even if powered off or unplugged.

The unit is in Dark Mode. In Dark Mode the unit only shows a small dot moving from left to right. To de-activate Dark Mode just momentarily press the Dim button to select preferred brightness setting.

The EWD is a K filter that The Judge has to prevent false alarms caused by some safety features in newer vehicles, for example Blind-spot/Side-assist/Anti collision warning and other safety technology that operate in K Band frequency.

You must send in proof of purchase to process the ticket if you have lost the form.

You must send in: 1) clear copy of ticket (no tracing) 2) proof of paying ticket 3) court address 4) claim form or proof of purchase

Yes, we do offer to have the ticket rebate program extension for a fee of $25.00 before the one year expires. It would be $25.00 per person for an additional 1 year of coverage.

Yes, it will be $19.95 to add a second person under the same registration number.To add another person call 915-587-0307.

Tennessee, California, Puerto Rico and outside of the United States.