California and Tennessee

The registration card enrolls you in our 1 (one) year ticket rebate program. If you ever happen to receive a laser or radar ticket (based on what unit you have) within the one year we will have you on file. You may register online or send the registration cards complete and signed. The DLS/KAT/LJR and

If the unit has been opened or tampered with, there is a fee. See chart below: 1) “C” (combo) and 8RDS – $150.00 2) PhazerII/Phazer3 and 8RD – $75.00 3) KAT 500 & KAT 600 – $75.00 4) Matrix & Traxx – $75.00

With exception of the The Judge, we require Proof of Purchase for all Units. The price for the out of warranty repair on units is as follows: All “C” combo units and the 8RDS – $62.00 All KAT, D, DLS, 8RD models – $25.00 PhazerII/Phazer3 – $37.00

We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express and money orders/cashier checks. If you send a personal check, we will hold your unit for 12 days.

Out of warranty fees are:All D, DLS models and KAT models are $25.00 All scrambler only models are $37.00 All combo units are $62.00

Send in:  1) unit 2) power cord 3) physical return address 4) telephone number 5) proof of purchase 6) short note stating the problem ***If you are paying for an out of warranty unit you MUST include the payment with the unit or pay when we receive the unit.  No unit will be repaired until

The FCC regulates all consumer products that transmit or leak radio frequency into the air (Part 15 of the FCC code). Since the scrambler and the combination units do not transmit but merely act as a reflective receiver they are legal under the FCC regulations. Regarding the laser scrambler, there are no Federal laws against

All Scramblers are factory set to the off Position: For The Judge, C495, and C475  1.To turn the scrambler on/off 1. Press and hold the Menu button approximately 3-5 seconds or until “MENU” is displayed. Note: If no button is pressed for approximately 10 seconds the unit will automatically “Exit” the Menu mode. 2. Press

Yes, all of our units are compliant and certified.