All C-series/combination models come with a 3 year warranty. All other models come with a 1 year warranty. To send in for repair you will need to include the following →

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Note explaining issue
  • Payment if out of warranty (money order, check, credit/debit card, PayPal)

Out of Warranty Fees

$62.00 for C-series/combination C435, C450, C475, C495, Phantom-T, The Judge, The Judge 2.0 or any other unit with scrambling technology. (C450 must have four screws located in the bottom case to qualify for repairs.)(C495 may take extended time during repairs then other units)

We no longer repair 8RD/8RDS.

$25.00 for all other models

Ticket Rebate Program

"We stand behind the performance of our laser and radar scrambling technology. If you get a speeding ticket while using our products, we'll pay your fine..."  Michael Churchman - Owner.  The 1-Year Speeding Ticket Protection Program cannot cover speeding in a school zone, construction zone, or speeding tickets that exceed 15 MPH or 30% over the posted limit, whichever is less.  


The one-year laser ticket rebate program covers speeding tickets that do not exceed 15 MPH or 30% over the posted limit whichever is less. Please use the chart to determine whether you have a claim.


20mph  -  26mph

25mph  -  32mph

30mph  -  39mph

35mph  -  45mph

40mph  -  52mph

45mph  -  58mph

50mph  -  65mph

55mph  -  70mph

60mph  -  75mph

65mph  -  80mph

70mph  -  85mph

Ticket Rebate Form

To qualify for the 1 Year Speeding Ticket Protection Program, you must be a current, registered owner and user of a Rocky Mountain Radar Radar and Laser Scrambling product.

The 1 Year Speeding Ticket Protection Program covers only the cost of the SPEEDING FINE.  It does not cover court costs, insurance costs, or any other incidental costs.  Rocky Mountain Radar administers this program.  Rocky Mountain Radar shall not be liable for direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages from participation in this program.

Starting with the Judge 2.0 ticket rebate will be accociated with the purchase date of the product. Proof of purchase will need to be included with claim information to verify that ticket rebate is still valid.

How To File A Claim

To file a claim, complete, sign , and return the claim form with the following information:

  1. Legible copy of the ticket(both sides).
  2. Legible copy of the court receipt as proof of payment.
  3. Court address.

Claim form will be returned to registered owner. Not valid in California and Tennesses or outside of the USA.

Keep your form in a safe place. No claim will be processed without original claim form.

All claims are verified through the court systems and may take up to eight weeks to process.

To extend your 1-year ticket rebate for $9.95 per month, contact us via email or phone  →

If you have questions about the program, your registration, or claim, please contact us via phone, mail, or email →

  • [email protected]
  • Rocky Mountain Radar
    6431 Doniphan Dr. Suite E
    El Paso, TX 79932
  • (915) 587-0307