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A horra puede hacer preguntas y ordenar en espanol por telefono o correo electronico.?

Nuestro telefono –             915-587-0307      
correo electronico – [email protected]Pregunte para hablar con uno de nuestros operadores en español


I placed an order on the Rocky Mountain Radar site, my credit card statement says Radar Solutions Ltd. What's up??

Radar Solutions Ltd. has purchased all the assets of Rocky Mountain Radar including its name and trademarks. The web site will not be different but all billing and shipping info will show Radar Solutions Ltd. name.

What is your address and telephone number??

Rocky Mountain Radar
6469 Doniphan Dr.
El Paso, TX 79932T: (915) 587-0307      
F: (915) 587-6408

What are Rocky Mountain Radar's operation hours??

We are open Monday – Friday from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. MST. We are closed from 12(noon) to 1 P.M. for lunch.

Are your detectors FCC compliant??

Yes, all of our units are compliant and certified.

How to activate your scrambler??

All Scramblers are factory set to the off Position:

For The Judge , C495, and C475 

1.To turn the scrambler on/off 1. Press and hold the Menu button approximately 3-5 seconds or until “MENU” is displayed. Note: If no button is pressed for approximately 10 seconds the unit will automatically “Exit” the Menu mode.

2. Press the Menu button in increments until “Scrambler” is displayed

3. Press the Mute or City button to turn scrambler on/off.

If the scrambler is on, “Scrambler Test” will be displayed in the startup sequence. When the unit’s scrambler setting is set to be off, then “Scrambler off” will be displayed in the startup sequence. During the startup sequence the current menu settings are displayed. If “Self-Test mode” setting is de-activated the unit will only show current settings on the display at startup.


For The Phantom-T, C435, C450

1. To turn the scrambler on/off, power off the unit.

2. Press and hold the City button down while turning power back on the unit.

If the scrambler is on, the “T” LED light will be included in the start up sequence. If the scrambler is off, the “T” LED light will not be included in the start up sequence. The “T” LED light is the test diagnostics for the scrambler.

How are these units legal??

The FCC regulates all consumer products that transmit or leak radio frequency into the air (Part 15 of the FCC code). Since the scrambler and the combination units do not transmit but merely act as a reflective receiver they are legal under the FCC regulations. Regarding the laser scrambler, there are no Federal laws against transmission of infra red light, so the laser – scrambling portion is legal as well. And, all the units are FCC certified (except for the S201 – Phazer II and Phazer 3).

How do I send in my unit for repair??

Send in: 

1) unit
2) power cord
3) physical return address
4) telephone number
5) proof of purchase
6) short note stating the problem

***If you are paying for an out of warranty unit you MUST include the payment with the unit. No unit will be repaired until payment is received.

You pay freight to us and we pay freight to you. It will be shipped back by USPS.

Send To:
Rocky Mountain Radar
6469 Doniphan Dr.
El Paso, TX. 79932

How much does it cost to fix my unit??

Out of warranty fees are:All D, DLS models and KAT models are $25.00
All scrambler only models are $37.00
All combo units are $62.00

How do I pay for the out of warranty fee??

We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express and money orders/cashier checks. If you send a personal check, we will hold your unit for 12 days.

What if I do not have proof of purchase or if my unit is out of warranty - what are the fees??

With exception of the The Judge, we require Proof of Purchase for all Units. The price for the out of warranty repair on units is as follows:

A) All “C” combo units and the 8RDS – $62.00

B) All KAT, D, DLS, 8RD models – $25.00

C) PhazerII/Phazer3 – $37.00

What is the TAMPER FEE??

If the unit has been opened or tampered with, there is a fee. See chart below:

1) “C” (combo) and 8RDS – $150.00
2) PhazerII/Phazer3 and 8RD – $75.00
3) KAT 500 & KAT 600 – $75.00
4) Matrix & Traxx – $75.00

What is the registration card for??

The registration card enrolls you in our 1 (one) year ticket rebate program. If you ever happen to receive a laser or radar ticket (based on what unit you have) within the one year we will have you on file. You may register online or send the registration cards complete and signed.

The DLS/KAT/LJR and LSTK models cover only laser tickets.


Can I register for the Ticket Rebate Program online??

Yes, you can register for the Ticket Rebate online BUT TO FILE A CLAIM YOU MUST HAVE THE ORIGINAL “HOW TO FILE A CLAIM FORM”. PLEASE keep the “How to file a claim form” in a safe spot. This will need to be completed and sent in with all ticket claims.

What states can RMR not pay the ticket fines??

California and Tennessee

Where does the ticket rebate not apply??

Tennessee, California, Puerto Rico and outside of the United States.

Can more than one person be registered for the ticket program??

Yes, it will be $19.95 to add a second person under the same registration number.To add another person call 915-587-0307.

Can the Ticket Rebate be extended for another year??

Yes, we do offer to have the ticket rebate program extension for a fee of $25.00 before the one year expires. It would be $25.00 per person for an additional 1 year of coverage..

What do I need to file a ticket claim??

You must send in:
1) clear copy of ticket (no tracing)
2) proof of paying ticket
3) court address
4) claim form or proof of purchase

How do I apply for the Ticket Rebate if I lost my "How to file a claim"??

You must send in proof of purchase to process the ticket if you have lost the form.

What is the (EWD) K filter??

The EWD is a K filter that The Judge has to prevent false alarms caused by some safety features in newer vehicles, for example Blind-spot/Side-assist/Anti collision warning and other safety technology that operate in K Band frequency.

Why does The Judge have a small dot on the display? ?

The unit is in Dark Mode. In Dark Mode the unit only shows a small dot moving from left to right. To de-activate Dark Mode just momentarily press the Dim button to select preferred brightness setting.

Do the units have memory??

Yes, your unit will remember the last setting even if powered off or unplugged.

Are the combo units The Judge, RMR-C410, RMR-C430, RMR-C435, 8RDS, RS202, RS202D, RMR-C475 and the RMR-C495 really illegal to use??

Some states have passed laws that prohibit the use of scramblers; Rocky Mountain Radar has included a switch for consumers to turn the scrambling portion of their units off while traveling through states where they are illegal. We ship all units with the scrambler deactivated. To activate follow the instructions in the the manual.

Do the units scramble 360 degrees??

No, a scrambler is a forward scrambler. The combination units detect 360 degrees.The only unit that scrambles 360 degrees is the 8RDSL.

Does RMR sell SPEAKERS??

We DO NOT sell speakers because of the tamper fee. It is in every manual and on our website under the FAQ’s. We sell accessories ONLY. Any modification done to any unit will result in a tamper fee and may void warranty.

What is VG-2/VG-3??

VG-2 is a device police use to detect the leakage from a detector. It is used in states where detectors are banned, and for commercial vehicles. VG-3 is a new unit designed to detect high-end detectors.

Does enabling VG-2 slow down the radar detection or scrambler? Does it affect the radar/laser scrambler??

Yes, it slows down detection. VG-2 sweeps just like a detector, so to search for VG-2 the detector must stop looking for radar and wait for it to complete its sweep. The amount of time is short – about 1/8th second. While the detector is sweeping, it is not looking for radar. With VG-2 off, we skip this cycle completely and continuously look for radar. It does not affect laser detection as we do this in parallel. There is no affect at all on scrambling.

Do the The Judge, Phantom-T, C435, C475 and C495 combo units come with the scrambler activated??

No. The combo units ship with the scrambler deactivated. The end customer must activate the scrambler.

Do the detectors come with the VG-2 on??

On Combo units the VG-2 is deactivated. D, DLS and KAT product comes with the VG-2 activated.

Does my unit cover VG-2 & VG-3??

Yes, but  that function must be activated for the detector to detect them. The units are not detectable by VG-2/VG-3 when the function is activated.

What does VG-2 enable??

If you enable VG-2, your detector will alert you to the presence of a police detector that scans for radar detectors which may be banned in your state. However, if you do not live in a state where radar detectors are banned, it is recommended to deactivate the VG-2 function as it will help speed up radar detection.
The Judge, Phantom-T and RMR-C495 do not need VG-2 or VG-3 feature, they are 100% undetectable.

How do I know that my VG-2 is activated on the C430, C435, and C475??

When you turn on the unit at the end of the start up the power light will flash. This lets you know that the VG-2 detection is activated. On the C475 the VG2 status will display on the screen.

Is my unit detectable??

No, The Judge, Phantom-T and the C495  are not detectable by VG-2 & VG-3. Caution must be used, however, where detectors are not allowed so they are not visually seen.

However on the C435 the VG-2 setting must be activated to alert you to VG-2 & VG3.

Is there a radar detector that is undetectable??

Yes, The Judge, Phantom T, and C495 are 100% undetectable to VG-2, VG-3, Spectre, and Spectre IV. The Judge, Phantom-T and C495 have a Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit that blocks any internal signals from leaking out the antenna.

Do the detectors alert you to the Safety Warning Signals??

Yes, we detect all safety warning radar signals, including SWS & SA the alert signal will be k band. We do not decode their information, because we believe that the driver should not be confused with extra information.

Do any of RMR/KAT products come with a visor mount? Or can they be purchased separate??

We do NOT have visor mounts to purchase separate. The only products that do come with Velcro for dash mounting is the KAT products.

Can these units be hard-wired??

1) Clip off the cigarette lighter end and connect the red wire to 12 volts and the other (white) wire to ground. Add an in-line wire fuse to the power side (red wire). The fuses should be a 5 amp/fast burning type. 
2) The power cord with the solid white stripe. Connect the white stripe (ribbed) wire to 12 volts and the other (black) wire to ground. Add an in-line wire fuse to the power side (black-white wire). The fuses should be a 2 amp/fast burning type. 
3) The power cord with the dotted white stripe. Connect the black wire to 12 volts, and the dotted white stripe wire to ground. Add an in-line wire fuse to the power side (black wire). The fuses should be a 2 amp/fast acting type.

How do I turn off the VOICE during the start up on the C-475??

1) Press and Hold the Menu button down. 
2) When Menu Mode is displayed, press and release in step increments until the TEST display shows. 
3) Then press select button to change the settings 
4) Then Menu mode will exit in a few seconds.

How do I know that my scrambler is activated on the The Judge, Phantom-T, C430, C435, C475 and C495??

Phantom-T, C430, C435, – The “T” light will light up during the start up with a soft chirp sound. When hit by radar/laser the light will not come on again.
C475 & C495 – Will display the word “SCRAMBLE” with a soft chirp. Also at the end of start up mode it will display “SCRM ON”. The Judge will display “Scrambler Test” at start up.

All these units will not alert you when scrambling. You will not see the “T” nor the word “SCRAMBLING”.

How do I change the tone on the units with selectable tone??

Hold down the mute button for 3 seconds this will change the tone. 
On the C475 select the tone using the menu button. Press and hold the menu button for 5 seconds to go into menu mode. When menu is displayed press and release in step increments until the high or low tone is displayed use the select button to select desired tone.

On The Judge press the menu button scroll to “Tone Mode” Press the Mute or City button to change between High or Low tone. Wait for menu to exit automatically or select “Exit” to exit menu mode for preferred desired tone to be selected.

How does the Radar Scrambler work??

It works on all police radar bands (x, k, ka, super wide). Inside the scrambler are 3 parts:
    1) A FM chirp generator
    2) A mixer diode
    3) A dual ridge wave guide antenna
    When the scrambler is hit by a signal, it will take the signal, and run it through the mixer, add the FM chirp to mix up the signal, and (using the antenna) reflects back this signal to the radar gun. What happens next? => The radar gun’s computer can’t recognize all the speeds; it gets confused and won’t display a reading on the gun (leaving a blank screen).
    All NEW (2009 & later) scramblers work similar to above but use Pseudo Random Digital Noise (PRDN) instead of FM chirp. The radar scrambling circuit mixes Pseudo Random Digital Noise (PRDN) with the incoming police radar signal and reflects it back to the radar source so it displays no speed.

I live in El Paso, Texas and my unit goes off on K-band when I pass a school bus. What gives??
Several years ago, Cobra Electronics donated $1,000,000 worth of police radar transmitters to the El Paso Independant School Disctrict (EPISD) as ‘safety devices’ If you’re driving in El Paso and approach an EPISD school bus your detector may alert you to K-band. We cannot filter/block this alert as it is the same frequency currently in use by police radar.
How does laser scrambling work??

The laser scrambling circuit transmits a series of pulses at the same wavelength used by the police laser guns (Lidar), which are electronically timed at about 100 feet apart. When the pulses pass through the windshield they will lose up to 50% of their power. The power output is 6 to 10 times that needed to trigger the detector in the laser gun. Lidar sends out laser pulses and measures how long it takes to hit your car and come back. From the speed of light it can determine your range. It sends out several more pulses and calculates your speed from the change in distance over time. The Rocky Mountain Radar scramblers only allow the Lidar to see up to 100 feet so it is unable to calculate your speed.

How does Rocky Mountain Radar's POP detection compare with other POP detectors??

Rocky Mountain Radar was the first to recognize and design for POP detection two years ago. Rocky Mountain Radar products are 87-100% effective; since we introduced POP detection to the Industry all our competitors now claim to have that ability but they fail to disclose that their best POP detection is less than 50% regardless of the brand name.

My unit worked fine and now it does not go off??

Make sure you have not put the unit in the mute mode. The unit will stay in mute even if you turn the unit off and back on again. The unit has memory, whatever function you place it in will remain until you change it. Another way of checking if it is on mute is to see if you see the display showing it is detecting but you hear no sound.

My unit is speaking Spanish how do I change the language back to English??

On the C475 and C495 select the tone using the menu button. Press and hold the menu button for 5 seconds to go into menu mode. When menu is displayed press and release in step increments until the English voice/Spanish voice is displayed then use the select button to select desired language.

On The Judge Use the Menu function to change the Language setting.

All other models press and hold the Dim button and power up the unit.

My unit will not turn on.?

Check the following: 
1) The on/off thumbwheel on the side of the unit 
2) The fuse in the power cord. (To check the fuse in the power cord, unscrew the silver tip end that plugs into the cigarette lighter. If the fuse is blown, replace with a 2 amp fast burning fuse). 
3) The fuse for your cigarette lighter 
4) If it is none of these, return the unit to the manufacturer for repair/replace at our discretion.

My radar detector has no sound.?

If there is no sound detecting but only at the start up, the unit is in mute. Start up ignores any settings you have it on. No sound at all (even at setup) then you must send the unit in for warranty repair to the manufacturer.

Is the Phazer 3 and RMR-S201 (Phazer II) a detector??

NO, it will NOT alert you to any police radar. It is not designed to provide detection. It will not alert you when it is scrambling. We recommend the use of a radar detector in conjunction with the scramblers


As of September 1st, 2011 a bill sponsored by Rodney Anderson (WY), Joe Driver(TX), Allen Miller Fletcher(VT), Linda Harper-Brown(?) and Florence Shapiro(TX) -Texas bans use of scramblers on street and highways.

Is the radar/laser scrambler in all of the units active or passive??

The radar scrambler is passive and the laser scrambler is active.

What are Digital Voice Alerts??

With the use of a voice chirp, alerts are spoken via a digitally recorded message.

What are SWS and SA alerts??

SWS – Safety Warning System and SA – Safety Alert are alerts for emergency vehicles that transmit these safety signals. These signals transmit on K band. Rocky Mountain Radar models detect all safety warning radar signals, including SWS & SA. We do not decode their information, because  we believe that the driver should not be confused with extra information. Not all emergency vehicles are equipped with a Safety Warning or Safety Alert transmitter. This equipment is very expensive, most police and fire departments do not have extra resources to afford this type of equipment.

What are Remote installation units??

Remote units are weatherproof external mount modules that are installed on the bumper or grill of the vehicles. Models come in various configurations for radar/laser detection and/or radar/laser scrambling.

What is the Dim Control for??

This function allows you to adjust the brightness of your detectors display.

What is P.O.P. radar??

POP radar is a very short pulse, about 1/10 time of instant on. The POP pulse comes on and off before most detectors can scan the frequency band to detect it. This technology is unique to Rocky Mountain Radar detectors.

What do the units detect??

They detect all bands used by police, including X, K, Ka, super wide bands and all laser. Plus it covers all frequencies.

What are the City and Highway modes for??

City mode filters more of the false readings. When in City Mode, the sensitivity of the radar unit is reduced so as to reduce false readings. In Highway Mode, the unit is returned to maximum sensitivity.

What is Micro-Scan??

It enables our detectors to scan 2-4 times faster than any competitor’s detector, which gives you a 100% probability of detecting POP Radar. This technology is unique to Rocky Mountain Radar detectors.

What is Ka Band??

The newer version of police radar, Ka incorporates both “Wide-Band” and “Super Wide-Band” and operates from 33.4 to 36.0 GHz.

What is K Band??

This is the most commonly used radar band. K Band denotes frequencies between 24.05 and 24.25 GHz.

What is Intellivoice??

Declares a target once with voice, then it will only signal with tones if the same band is used within 60 seconds.

What is the Control Panel on the 8RD/8RDS units??

The Control Panel is the module that mounts inside the vehicle and reports what the front and rear antennas detect.

What is Adaptive Laser Tracking??

Monitors the infrared ambient noise level and adjusts the detection threshold to compensate-resulting in better Laser detection with fewer false alarms. This technology is unique to Rocky Mountain Radar detectors.

What is the difference between the Phazer 3, Phazer II (RMR-S201), RMR-S202, RS202D and the combination units RMR-C435, and RMR-C475??

The PHZII, PHZ3, RS202 and RS202D are strictly radar and laser scramblers. We recommend using them with any radar detector. While the combo units C435, and C475 incorporate the radar/laser scrambling capabilities with a high performance radar/laser detector.

What is the detection range on the detectors??

The range is about 3 miles in highway mode, 1.5 miles in the city. The Judge, Phantom-T and the RMR-C495 have an extended detection range of 5+ miles on highway mode.

What is the punch-through zone??

The signal reflected by the unit gets stronger the closer the target is to the radar gun. The scrambler uses the radar signal as a carrier and reflects it through a high-gain antenna. It will work only as long as the scrambling signal is greater than the signal from the target. Punch-through is when these signals are equal or within 50-200 feet. There is no punch-through with laser.

What is Smart-Scan??

When a signal is detected, the unit will rescan it to ensure that it is a true signal and not a false alarm. This means less false detection. This technology is unique to Rocky Mountain Radar detectors.

What is the range of a radar gun??

Depending on the radar gun, the range can be any where from a mile (1) to two (2) miles.

What is Strobe Alert??

A Strobe Alert detection device will sense the optical pulses emitted by an emergency vehicle equipped with a strobe emitter.The purpose of the strobe emitter that is mounted on an emergency vehicle is to signal an intersection traffic light to change in order to facilitate the passage of the emergency vehicle through the intersection. The strobe alert detection in a radar detector will alert the driver of the passenger vehicle of an approaching emergency vehicle. Not all emergency vehicles are equipped with a strobe emitter. In fact a very small percentage of emergency vehicles have a strobe emitter. Likewise a very small percentage of cities have their intersection traffic signals equipped with a strobe emitter sensor.

Which units can be remotely mounted??

Only the Moto-Raptor, RMR-8RDS and RMR-RS202 are remote installation units. All the other units were not designed for remote mounting.

What is the range of the laser and radar scrambler??

In all units the radar/laser scrambler will only scramble in the direction they are facing. They provide coverage for the entire front of your vehicle, up to (4) times the range of a radar/laser gun.

Which light indicates what on the combination units??

On the C430 units, left to right:
1) Power – green
2) Test – amber
3) X – green
4) K – yellow
5) KA – amber
6) For laser, everything across will light up

On the C435 units, left to right:
1) Power – amber
2) Test – green
3) X – red
4) K – green
5) KA – green
6) For laser, everything across will light up

On the C450 units, left to right:
1) Power – amber
2) Test – green
3) X – red
4) K – green
5) KA – green
6) For laser, everything across will light up.

On the Phantom-T Unit, left to right:
1) [P] – Power
2) [K] – K band alert
3) [KA] – Ka band alert
4) [C] – City mode display
5) [2] [3] [4] – signal strength LED
6) [T] Scrambler Test LED
7) For laser, everything across will light up

On the C475, C495 and The Judge units the display is menu driven and will read off the settings.

Which direction do the units face??

On both the scrambler and the combination units, the smoke screen and the green power light faces towards the inside of your vehicle, and the unit must be mounted level.

Where is the best place to mount my unit??

The manufacturer recommends mounting your unit in the center of the windshield (right below the rear-view mirror) for maximum coverage. There must be no metallic interference with the unit.

What is the warranty on the Combo ,D, DLS, remote and KAT models??

The “Combo” Units have a 3 (three) year manufacturer warranty. All other models have a 1 (one) year manufacturer warranty.

Why doesn't my detector go off at electric doors/alarms??

The detector will not false alarm as much if your detector has Smart-Scan. Make sure the city button is not on.

Why does the unit only detect very short ranges??

The officer may have been using instant on or P.O.P. radar

Why does my detector give me an alert but no lights??

Check the dim position. If this is not the problem return back to manufacturer for warranty.

Where are these units illegal??

The scrambler and the combination units are illegal in CO, UT, CA, NE, OK, MN, IL, TN, TX, VA and SC and Washington, D.C. They are legal in some provinces of Canada and many foreign countries. The combination units can be used in all states except VA, D.C. if scrambler is switched off.

Why does my radar detector ( not RMR) give me a KU alert??

SatCom frequency is used by some drug stores for nation wide service and some ATM machines.

Why are some Internet sites selling your products at a lower price??

Rocky Mountain Radar has noticed that several Internet sites are selling our product at a lower price, than most of our dealers. Not all of these are authorized dealers of Rocky Mountain Radar products. We advise you to think before buying from these dealers because we do not know if those units are original product as represented, used or pirated.

Why does my unit go off on K-band when I’m approaching some semi-trucks??

This is not a false alarm; the unit is doing its job. Many modern semi-trucks now come equipped with a safety device that detects when people or vehicles are too close to the trailer. Unfortunately some of these devices operate at the same frequency as police radar. With police still using that same frequency we can not block/drop it. Just be aware that if the unit goes off on K-band as you approach a trailer truck, goes to full power then stops as you pass it, this most likely not a police officer. On The Judge we have added a filter that should help prevent most of these safety device alerts.

Why are there so many websites that say Rocky Mountain Radar products do not work??

Rocky Mountain Radar is the Undisputed Technology Leader in the Radar Industry. We have the best pricing, the lowest return rate, no false alerts with our Smart-Scan, and the best warranty service. Other companies have had to resort to negative press to place doubts in our products. By hiring the likes of Craig Peterson, Tom Martino, “Radar” Roy and Carl Fors, (Fun by Fors and Speed Measurement Labs) these companies have maligned our product so they can look good.

Will the scrambler Phazer 3 and RMR-S201 (Phazer II) interfere with my detector??

No, since the scramblers do not transmit a signal of its own, they will not interfere with detectors.

Will my unit protect me from VASCAR (airplanes and helicopters)??

No, VASCAR is basically a fancy stopwatch used to time a vehicle from point A to point B. The time between points determines your speed. It is not radar or laser there is nothing for our units to detect.

What is PayPal Credit??

PayPal Credit is a line of credit from Comenity Capital Bank that gives you the flexibility to pay for your purchase now, or pay over time. It’s easy to apply and easy to use.

For More Info Click Here!

Will the units scramble the roadside trailer signs that display your speed as you approach them??

No, the roadside trailer signs use radar to determine your speed. However, they do not have a sampling computer like the Police radar guns do. These signs merely take an average and will ignore any extra signals they receive. Citations cannot be issued from these signs for this reason.

Will the scrambler work with tinted windows??

Yes, unless the tint contains metal particles or the unit is mounted low on the dash where the windshield wipers or other metallic materials exist; this may reduce the effectiveness of the units.

Will the scrambler work on photo radar??

YES, if they scramble speed from the front. If they measure from the rear you will need to place a scrambler in the rear.

Except: AZ does not use radar in fixed signs but use sensors in the road bed. Those are not radar.

What is the Moto-Raptor??

The Moto-Raptor is a high performance radar detector designed specifically for motorcycles with a wireless head set and bright blue LED alert indicator. Customers have been asking Rocky Mountain Radar for a Motorcycle radar detector. We designed the Moto-Raptor to include all accessories and mounting hardware; you don’t have the extra expense of buying an expensive mounting bracket or a wireless helmet set like other companies offer. You can hard-wire and install the Moto-Raptor motorcycle detector in as little as 20 minutes. When researching the purchase of a motorcycle radar detector, ease of use is an important factor as is the appearance of your bike after installation. Having all controls conveniently located on the helmet piece results in a more enjoyable ride and better safety. You do not have to fumble with a box mounted on a stalk on the handlebars!

How can I tell if the Moto-Raptor detector itself is on??

If there is no connection between the Head Set and Radar Detector the Head Set will give 2 beep alerts every 10 seconds as a disconnection alert to let you know that the Radar detector is not receiving power.

How long do the batteries last on the Moto-Raptor Head Set??

Battery life is approximately one year under normal daily use.

My Head Set and Radar detector do not connect with each other??

Check the connection of the detector with the motorcycle and make sure the ignition is running. Check that the Head Set has been charged completely before trying to use it for the first time. Check the 2 amp fuse in the power cable.

Accidentally the motorcycle was dropped. Is the detector shock resistant??

Yes the Radar detector was made to withstand shock but inspection of the power cable should be performed.The Moto-Raptor was built for motorcycles and made to withstand vibration of everyday use.

I cannot hear anything through the Moto-Raptor Head set speaker??

Make sure the wire is connected to the right port and the unit is powered on. Make sure the Head Set was charged. Check the wire for any damage that might have occurred.

Will the Head Set bend with the air if so what can be done to prevent it??

The Head Set should not move with the air as long as it was installed flat on the Helmet with the double sided tape that was provided.

Do you sell extra Head Sets for the Moto Raptor??

Yes, you can purchase a Head Set or Radar Detector separately.

How would I install the Moto-Raptor on a Harley??

1) Mount unit on triple tree by attaching the radar detector mount to the brake line bolt. ( you will need to drill a hole in the radar detector mount to fit the bolt you have)

2)  Tighten bolt securely and use screws provided to put the unit on the mount.

3) Open your head light by removing all screws holding it in place.

4) Once the headlight is removed feel around to find 2 loose cables.  These are your accessory cables. 1 is a constant power and the other is your ground. (Power is usually orange and black is usually ground on most Harley)

5) These cables will be what you will be tapping into.  You can use any top of your choosing.

6) Attach the pigtail red sire to the orange Harley wire.  Then attach the white pigtail wire to the Harley black wire. (some stripping of the wire maybe needed to attach the taps)

7) Once in place attach the pigtail to the unit with the 3.5mm jack.  Tuck away and ziptie all excess cable in a secure place.

8) To make sure unit works, turn on the bike and then the headset.  If headset connects to unit then your installation was done correctly.

9) Put the headlight back on

10) Choose where you want your headset and attach it with the provided velco.

11) If you have any questions please call the office 915-587-0307.

The Moto-Raptor Head Set LED does not blink.?

Make sure the Head Set has been fully charged.

Is the Moto-Raptor Radar Detector water proof??

The Radar Detector is weather proof. The Radar Detector was designed to be resistant to rain or a car wash. It is however best to keep the unit from being submerged in water.

The Moto-Raptor detector shakes a lot where it is mounted, will it mess up??

No the Radar detector was made to withstand constant shaking. Make sure that the bracket is securely fastened.

Can the Head Set or Radar Detector module be connected to other things such as Bluetooth??

No,The Moto Raptor headset is not Bluetooth compatible. The Head Set uses Wireless Data communication..

How long does the Moto-Raptor Head Set Battery last between charges??

Full battery charge will last about 15hrs based on no alerts; it will decrease depending on the frequency of alerts. Full battery charging time is about 1hr 30min.

What bands does the Traxx detect??

1. X, K and Superwide Ka band radar guns 
2. Laser guns (Laser speed monitoring devices) 
3. VG-2 undetectability

What can the Traxx/Matrix measure??

TRAXX/MATRIX can measure the followings:
1. Time to go from 0 to 60MPH (0 to 100Km)
2. Speed at the end of 1/4 mile (400m)
3. G-Force
4. Peak and Average Horsepower

What is a performance meter??

Matrix is a device that measures the performance of a vehicle by sensing acceleration forces. It uses a three-axis accelerometer to measure acceleration. This digital three-axis accelerometer sensor tracks your vehicle’s acceleration and cornering forces. This device analyzes data and calculates corrected G-forces for the G meter operation, speed and distance data.

What are the benefits of having a performance meter??

It is designed to enhance your driving experience. The performance meter will allow the driver to understand the vehicles capabilities.

What can the Matrix measure??

It will measure peak and average horsepower, acceleration, G-force, time to go from 0 to 60mph and speed at the end of ¼ mile.

What is G-Force??

G-Force is the force of gravity or acceleration on a body.

How do I set up the Traxx/Matrix for my vehicle weight??

You must enter the weight of your vehicle. This information is available in your vehicle’s manual. You should add the weight of the driver, passengers and cargo plus any additional equipment added to the vehicle. Press the UP or DOWN button until the correct weight is shown. Holding either button for 1 second causes the weight to change rapidly. Press Start button to store the setting.

What is the MATRIX??

World’s only cordless performance meter with a three-axis accelerometer chip that measures the performance of your vehicle.0-1/4 mile time and speed
0-60 mph time
Peak HP and Average HP
Multi-run memory
1 inch back-lit display with large ½ inch data
Simple one-button operation
Programmable enhanced performance setup

Is there a punch-through zone with the Traxx??

No, there is no punch-through with laser.

How does the performance meter work in the Matrix??

The Matrix measures the performance of your vehicle by sensing acceleration forces. It uses a three-axis accelerometer to measure acceleration. This digital three-axis accelerometer sensor tracks your vehicle’s acceleration and cornering forces. The result is the most accurate. 
The Matrix will also display the number of horizontal and forward Gs. The right indicator is sideways acceleration with arrow that indicates direction. The left indicator is forward acceleration. The arrow pointing up is when speed is increasing and down when speed is decreasing.

What is the TRAXX??

The TRAXX is a full featured radar/laser detector with a laser scrambler plus the MATRIX performance meter circuitry.

How does the performance meter work in the Traxx??

The TRAXX measures the performance of your vehicle by sensing acceleration forces. It uses a three-axis accelerometer to measure acceleration. This digital three-axis accelerometer sensor tracks your vehicle’s acceleration and cornering forces. This device analyzes data and calculates corrected G-Forces for the G Meter operation, speed and distance data. The result is the most accurate.       The TRAXX provides distinct visual and voice alerts to warn you of the presence of X, K and all kinds of Ka band radar guns in the front and rear of you. This model also provides the benefit of ‘undetectability’ by alerting you to the presence of VG-2 (Radar detector-detector). The unit also scrambles all laser devices.        The TRAXX has Safety alarm mode for safe driving. You can set safety level of lateral G-force. TRIGS gives warning sound and visual blinking whenever you exceed your level setting.

How do I set up my Traxx/Matrix for Horsepower??

This is a correction factor you can set for an approximate conversion from wheel horsepower to engine horsepower. Factory default is 1.00. The TRAXX/MATRIX is affected by drive train losses, rolling resistance and aerodynamic drag which determine the vehicle’s performance. Manufacturers’ ratings list a higher engine horsepower which is not reduced by these other real-world factor so you may need to increase the wheel horsepower readings to approximately correlate to higher engine horsepower. After storing vehicle weight, it automatically goes to Horsepower Factor. Display flashes previously set value. Press the UP and DOWN buttons until the vehicle correction shows in the display. Press Start button to store the setting.

How do I set up my Matrix for horsepower speed range??

To accurately measure horsepower, the correct vehicle weight and correction factor must be entered. 
To enter weight , press Memory button until Setup shows in the display. Then use the up/down buttons to enter correct weight (include driver and passengers). Press Store button to store setting. Next Setting will be the correction factor use the up/down button to enter the correction factor. Press Store to store the setting. To Set the minimum speed for the average horsepower use the up or down buttons. Press Store to store result. Set the maximum speed for the average horsepower by pressing the up/down buttons. Press Store button to store results.

How do I set up for metric use on the Traxx??

You can set up your TRAXX for US or Metric unit and calculate engine power in HP or PS (metric horsepower). When pressing ‘DOWN’ button and turn on the Power at the same time, it displays current engaged mode. Press UP/DOWN button to toggle ‘US’ or ‘METRIC’ and press ‘MEMORY’ button to select. 
The factory default is ‘US’. Please enter its metric calculation factor. When ‘US’ or ‘METRIC’ is changed each other, its measurement will be changed as follows. 
– US: Time to go from 0 to 60MPH / METRIC: 0 to 100km 
– US: Speed at the end of 1/4 mile / METRIC: 400m

Does the Traxx scramble Radar and Laser??

NO, it only scrambles laser. It will detect radar and laser.

What do I do to set up the Traxx/Matrix for the first time??

If this is the first time the device is powered since installation or if the orientation has changed, please move the vehicle to a level place and calibrate the three-axis accelerometer.(On the KAT-Traxx press Mode button to go G-FORCE mode and complete calibration by pressing START button.)Both Units KAT Traxx/Matrix:
To accurately measure horsepower, the correct vehicle weight and the correction factor for the vehicle must also be entered to allow a horsepower calculation. To enter set-up mode, press MEMORY button for three (3) seconds at any mode of GFORCE / 0 TO 60/ 1/4 mile except Radar Detector mode until default weight of 2000 lbs shows in the display. Please enter
your vehicle weight and each correction factors.

Does the RS202/RS202D need to have a clear view of the road??

Yes, install the RS202/RS202D/LSTK/LJR units in a manner where the lens has a clear view of the road without any obstructions.

It the RS202/RS202D waterproof??

The external modules are weatherproof not waterproof. Your vehicle is not waterproof it is weatherproof. Waterproof designates having the capability of being submerged in water to a specified depth. The external modules will handle any weather condition that your vehicle can.

What if I have only the RS202/RS202D Scramblers and want to use it with my own window mount radar detector??

They all can be used without connecting to the control panel. Cut and remove the connector on the cable on the RS202/RS202D. Strip the wires back and connect the red wire to +12V and the white wire to ground. It is recommended that you connect to a switched +12V source on the fuse block inside the engine compartment.

Where is the best place to mount the 8RD Control Panel??

The Control Panel does not need to view the road. It can be put in sight or out of sight for you. It has a digital display and voice alerts. It is recommended to be installed in a convenient location for the driver. Like the center console, instrument panel, steering column. It can even be installed in the dash or on the dash.

Does the RMR-8RDS/8RD/RS202/RS202D REMOTE UNITS come with all materials required for installing??

Yes, everything needed to install the units are included in the box. You may use additional hardware to customize your installation.

Where is the best place to mount the RD202/RS202D??

The ideal location on the front of the vehicle is as close as possible to the front license plate area. Either on the grill or bumper. For the rear the ideal location is anywhere on the bumper close to the rear license plate. The officer usually targets your license plate area, especially with laser.

Why won't my 8RD/8RDS unit turn on??

Check the following:
1) The fuse in the power cord. (To check the fuse in the power cord, unscrew the silver tip end that plugs into the cigarette lighter. If the fuse is blown, replace with a 2 amp fast burning fuse).
2) The fuse for your cigarette lighter
3) If it is none of these, return the unit to the manufacturer for repair/replace.

How do I care for the RMR-8RDS/8RD/RS202/RS202D REMOTE UNITS??

Keep the lens free and clear of debris, snow, mud and road grime.

How difficult is it to install the 8RDS/8RD/RS202/RS202D REMOTE UNITS??

Depending on your vehicle, it is an easy install. We provide each external module with a 16′ cable attached that you route through the firewall to the power source or you can tap into the fuse box. You just have to remember to keep away from all hot surfaces or moving parts. Route the wire through the firewall to a 12 V power source or control panel. Use cable ties where necessary. Do not leave loose wire as they can get caught on moving parts and cause damage.

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