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How does the Radar Scrambler work?

It works on all police radar bands (x, k, ka, super wide). Inside the scrambler are 3 parts:
1) A FM chirp generator
2) A mixer diode
3) A dual ridge wave guide antenna
When the scrambler is hit by a signal, it will take the signal, and run it through the mixer, add the FM chirp to mix up the signal, and (using the antenna) reflects back this signal to the radar gun. What happens next? The radar gun’s computer can’t recognize all the speeds; it gets confused and won’t display a reading on the gun (leaving a blank screen).
All NEW (2009 & later) scramblers work similar to above but use Pseudo Random Digital Noise (PRDN) instead of FM chirp. The radar scrambling circuit mixes Pseudo Random Digital Noise (PRDN) with the incoming police radar signal and reflects it back to the radar source so it displays no speed.