Rocky Mountain Radar was the first to recognize and design for POP detection two years ago. Rocky Mountain Radar products are 87-100% effective; since we introduced POP detection to the Industry all our competitors now claim to have that ability but they fail to disclose that their best POP detection is less than 50% regardless

The laser scrambling circuit transmits a series of pulses at the same wavelength used by the police laser guns (Lidar), which are electronically timed at about 100 feet apart. When the pulses pass through the windshield they will lose up to 50% of their power. The power output is 6 to 10 times that needed

Several years ago, Cobra Electronics donated $1,000,000 worth of police radar transmitters to the El Paso Independant School Disctrict (EPISD) as ‘safety devices’ If you’re driving in El Paso and approach an EPISD school bus your detector may alert you to K-band. We cannot filter/block this alert as it is the same frequency currently in

It works on all police radar bands (x, k, ka, super wide). Inside the scrambler are 3 parts: 1) A FM chirp generator 2) A mixer diode 3) A dual ridge wave guide antenna When the scrambler is hit by a signal, it will take the signal, and run it through the mixer, add the

Hold down the mute button for 3 seconds this will change the tone. On the C475 select the tone using the menu button. Press and hold the menu button for 5 seconds to go into menu mode. When menu is displayed press and release in step increments until the high or low tone is displayed

Phantom-T, C430, C435, – The “T” light will light up during the start up with a soft chirp sound. When hit by radar/laser the light will not come on again. C475 & C495 – Will display the word “SCRAMBLE” with a soft chirp. Also at the end of start up mode it will display “SCRM

1) Press and Hold the Menu button down. 2) When Menu Mode is displayed, press and release in step increments until the TEST display shows. 3) Then press select button to change the settings. 4) Then Menu mode will exit in a few seconds.

Yes: 1) Clip off the cigarette lighter end and connect the red wire to 12 volts and the other (white) wire to ground. Add an in-line wire fuse to the power side (red wire). The fuses should be a 5 amp/fast burning type. 2) The power cord with the solid white stripe. Connect the white

We do NOT have visor mounts to purchase separate. The only products that do come with Velcro for dash mounting is the KAT products.

Yes, we detect all safety warning radar signals, including SWS & SA the alert signal will be k band. We do not decode their information, because we believe that the driver should not be confused with extra information.