Yes, The Judge, Phantom T, and C495 are 100% undetectable to VG-2, VG-3, Spectre, and Spectre IV. The Judge, Phantom-T and C495 have a Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit that blocks any internal signals from leaking out the antenna.

No, The Judge, Phantom-T and the C495 are not detectable by VG-2 & VG-3. Caution must be used, however, where detectors are not allowed so they are not visually seen. However on the C435 the VG-2 setting must be activated to alert you to VG-2 & VG3.

When you turn on the unit at the end of the start up the power light will flash. This lets you know that the VG-2 detection is activated. On the C475 the VG2 status will display on the screen.

If you enable VG-2, your detector will alert you to the presence of a police detector that scans for radar detectors which may be banned in your state. However, if you do not live in a state where radar detectors are banned, it is recommended to deactivate the VG-2 function as it will help speed

Yes, but that function must be activated for the detector to detect them. The units are not detectable by VG-2/VG-3 when the function is activated.

On Combo units the VG-2 is deactivated. D, DLS and KAT product comes with the VG-2 activated.

No. The combo units ship with the scrambler deactivated. The end customer must activate the scrambler.

Yes, it slows down detection. VG-2 sweeps just like a detector, so to search for VG-2 the detector must stop looking for radar and wait for it to complete its sweep. The amount of time is short – about 1/8th second. While the detector is sweeping, it is not looking for radar. With VG-2 off,

VG-2 is a device police use to detect the leakage from a detector. It is used in states where detectors are banned, and for commercial vehicles. VG-3 is a new unit designed to detect high-end detectors.

We DO NOT sell speakers because of the tamper fee. It is in every manual and on our website under the FAQ’s. We sell accessories ONLY. Any modification done to any unit will result in a tamper fee and may void warranty.