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Motorcycle Specific Radar & Laser Detector

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Full 360° Radar and Laser Detection
The Moto-Raptor is a state of the art police radar and laser detector for motorcycles with a full 360°, 3-mile detection range, giving you a great early warning system for any radar or laser in the area. No longer is there a need for those obnoxious brackets on your handle bars with a big box to protect your unit from the elements or wires connecting you to the unit.

Disappears on install
The Moto-Raptor is specifically designed for bikes, so it can be cleverly tucked away when installed. It even includes a wireless indicator with audio and visual alerts. You don’t have to worry about the rain either, the unit is completely weather proof.

Additional Features

  • Audio Alerts
  • Visual Alert. No need to take your focus off the road!
  • Wireless Headset – mounts on helmet
  • Mounting Bracket included
  • Full Install kit included
  • Practically invisible after installation


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