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  • My blue display light don’t come on is there any warranty or can I send back to have fixed or replace, really like it but at night can see display. Thank you

    • Hi John,

      Yes you can send it in for repairs. As for warranty the RMR-C475 comes with a 3 year warranty, if it is out of warranty there is a $62.00 out of warranty fee.

  • When I plug in the power cord the light on the cord comes on but I have to keep moving the cord in the RMR-C475 use to come on when that was done now its not coming on even though the light is on the power cord. Is it the cord or the radar that is bad?

    • Romeo,

      Our power cord does not have a light on it. However with out the unit here I would not be able to tell you which of the two is bad. Send it in so we can check the unit for you.

    • Gary,

      We do not carry the C475 anymore we do have the upgraded version the C495. It has everything you love from the C475 with extra range and a stronger scrambler.

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