Rocky Mountain Radar is a leading provider of radar/laser detection and scrambling equipment for personal automotive use.

Made in USA; 3-Year Warranty

The Judge radar detector and scrambler makes you invisible to police radar, pays for itself, and is made in the USA!

  • 5-mile Range - Detect the presence of police speed detection equipment long before they can get you.
  • Scrambles Equipment - Scrambling Police Radar and Laser equipment buys you extra time to adjust your speed.
  • No False Alarms - RMR's Micro-Scan & Smart-Scan technologies combine with the new EWD to filter out signals that you don't care about.

Our Technology - How It Works

Police radar is a simple radar system that sends out a continuous RF (Radio Frequency) signal. The police radar is an auto-dyne transceiver which means that it transmits a signal and mixes the return signal with itself to determine the Doppler shift (the amount of frequency change caused by bouncing off a moving target).

The Doppler shift is different for each frequency band the police radar operates on and proportional to the speed of the target. There are three radar bands that the police are allowed to operate in the USA. These are X-band, K-band and Ka-band. Ka-band is very wide and more difficult to detect using a police radar detector.

Because a police radar system must send and receive an RF signal, we can detect it, detect which band is being used…and much more. Click the Radar Scrambling Technology tab to read more.

Since detecting RF signals far in advance is a piece of cake for us, we can also add information to their signal to confuse Police Radar Speed Detectors.

A Police Radar Gun needs to get the same reading multiple times, sequentially, in order to display a valid speed to the officer operating the radar gun. The additional information that we add to their return signal makes it virtually impossible for the Police Radar Gun to get an accurate reading. This is why roadside trailers may display your speed even while you’re scrambling radar. They simply display all detected signals translated to speed.

Police LIDAR (Laser Radar) is a distance measuring device. The unit sends out a pulse of infrared light and measures how long it takes to strike an object and return. Taking this time and multiplying it by the speed of light gives one the round trip distance [distance times 2]. If the LIDAR then sends out a second pulse and measures that distance it can determine if the target is moving and what its speed is. If pulse one distance is D1 and second pulse is D2 and the LIDAR sends out the second pulse T1 seconds after the first then the objects speed can be calculated as the change of distance over time or (D1-D2)/T1. Since the LIDAR knows when the pulses go out and measures the distance for each pulse it has all the information it needs to determine target speed.

Of course, there is always the chance for interference so modern LIDAR contains a computer and sends out multiple pulses for each target measurement…often as many as 50 pulses. The computer then samples the data to develop an accurate measurement of speed for the target.

Don't worry, you don't need to understand all of that...we do. Click on the Laser Scrambling Technology tab to see what else we can do.

There are two methods that are used to try to interfere with the accurate reading of speed by LIDAR. The first, used by our competitors, is to simply try to overpower the unit by broadcasting a very large amount of infrared light. This takes a lot of energy so the jammer must first detect the Laser pulse to know when to turn on the power and frequently reacts too late to be effective. Of course, simple filtering of the incoming signals makes these types of jammers relatively ineffective.

The second method, employed ONLY by Rocky Mountain Radar, is much more effective but more costly to manufacture. This method creates infrared pulses virtually identical to those transmitted by the LIDAR. This requires much lower power transmission and is safer for the driver. Rocky Mountain Radar’s Laser scrambler creates 40 nano-second pulses every 125 nanoseconds (30 - 50 feet) to thoroughly confuse the LIDAR resulting in no speed being displayed. Since this pulse train is continuous, there is no need for detection prior to activation greatly enhancing the probability of effectively confusing the LIDAR! This method makes Laser Speed measurement both ‘near-sighted’ (cannot ‘see’ pulses beyond 125 feet) and overwhelms the computer with confusing data so it cannot determine an accurate speed.

A message from the president...
Michael Churchman

I founded Rocky Mountain Radar in the state of Colorado back in 1989. My purpose was to produce state of the art electronic products in the United States. Since then, we have specialized in consumer electronic products for the automotive after-market. Along the way, we built systems for the defense industry and a reputation as the undisputed technology leader in police radar detection.

Today, Rocky Mountain Radar is a leading provider of radar/laser detection and scrambling equipment for personal automotive use. We are always looking for ways to grow and expand our business, but remain focused on the technology that our customers want.

As a Christian organization, you will never see us malign our competition on our website and blog posts. We have a code of ethics that we believe in and follow. For example, despite repeated requests to add “red light camera” warning to our units, we will never do so as we do not condone running a red light; it is far too dangerous, for our customer and for others.

-Michael Churchman
Founder, Owner and President


Thanks for visiting Rocky Mountain Radar, the undisputed technology leader in radar detection.

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RMR D-540 (Detector Only) $149.95 $75

The RMR D540 is the world’s most sophisticated radar and laser detector. It provides distinct audio and visual alerts to warn you of the presence of X, K, Ku, and Ka band radar guns as well as laser guns.

New Technology Improves Reliability and Reduces False Alarms
New DDI™ Technology (Dense Digital Integration) puts more signal processing functions in fewer IC’s for enhanced performance. more reliability and lower costs. The RMR-D540 also features Micro-Scan™ enabling these radar units to scan 2-4 times faster than any competitive detector and the RMR-D540 provides a 100% probability of detecting POP radar. The Smart-Scan™ feature also detects quicker, with less false alarms by immediately rescanning detection before continuing additional programmed scans. Includes a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. That’s double the industry standard!

Full 360° Radar and Laser Detection
Full, 3 mile detection of all bands and frequencies used by police, including X, K, Ku, Ka, super wide bands and all laser. Rocky Mountain Radar’s unique detection technology gives you a 100% probability of detecting POP Radar and virtually no false alarms.

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