In the last 3 years, US drivers received 120,000,000 tickets. Only 64 of those belonged to Rocky Mountain Radar drivers! "You can't catch what you can't see!"

The All New Rocky Mountain Radar Odin is now available!

The latest detection & scrambling technology paired with a state-of-the-art mobile app!

  • USB power – plugs into any USB port
  • Bluetooth – connects to our FREE NEW APP
  • Red light Camera warning
  • Photo Speed trap warning
  • Factory reprogrammable for future threats – no obsolescence
  • Custom Updatable database – over 1.5 Million RMR customers can add real-time updates for speed traps
  • Speeding ticket rebate
  • 3-Year Warranty

App Features

Drive with confidence knowing where cops, red light cameras, and other speed traps are.

Control Settings on Odin

Quickly & easily change settings on your device with a single tap. Have you ever accidentally muted your detector and didn't realize it until you passed a cop?

Real-time speed trap and threat data

The Odin app will notify you of nearby red light cameras, photo-enforced speed traps and other threats straight from our threat database.

Warnings on your Mobile & Detector

Live threats detected on your Odin device and threats from our community threat database notify you on the app screen and/or on your Odin device.

Bluetooth Connection won't interfere

Do you listen to Podcasts, music, or use hands-free phone features while you're driving? Odin's Bluetooth connection won't interfere with your other Bluetooth connected apps!

Share information with millions of users

There are millions of RMR detectors on the road. Now you can share speed traps and threats with the community and get notified when someone indicates a threat near you.

Full notifications control

If you don't want to be bothered by threat notifications from our database you are free to suppress them in the app or on your device.

Geolocation data

The Odin App shows your current speed, compass heading, altitude, as well as your latitude and longitude.

See Precise Placement of Threats

The Odin App will show your current location on a map and all nearby threats in relation to your current location.

Download the Odin Mobile App

Sale! -25%

ODIN Laser/Radar Detector & Scrambler – VIP Special

(1 customer review)

$399.95 $300.00

ODIN – Your full speeding ticket protection device

  • Detects police laser and radar up to 5 miles away, giving you advanced warning of speed traps.
  • Scrambles police radar and laser speed detection devices.
  • Bluetooth connectivity for companion App
  • Comes with  1 year of our ticket rebate,
  • a 3-year warranty


The EWD (Early Warning Discriminator) & TSR (Traffic Sensor Rejection) prevent false alarms by eliminating signals emitted by safety sensors on many newer vehicles. You can rest assured that when ODIN alerts you to the presence of police radar, they are near!

  • X-Band Detection on/off Selection
  • K-Band Detection on/off Selection
  • Ka-Band Detection on/off Selection
  • Laser Detection on/off Selection
  • Select K Wide or K Narrow Detection
  • Select Ka Wide or Ka Narrow Detection

Bluetooth Connectivity 
Connect to the companion app with bluetooth.

  • Gain access to our photo radar and red light camera database
  • Share information with millions of users
  • Relay all alerts to your smart device
  • Change your settings on your device from your app.

Super Clear OLED Display
The screen is clearly visible in all lighting conditions, so you won’t have to squint, move your head or lose focus in any way from the road.

Full 360° Radar and Laser Detection
Full, 5-mile detection of all bands and frequencies used by police, including K, Ka, super wide bands and all lasers. This radar detector uses micro-scan. It enables our detectors to scan 2-4 times faster than any other detector, which gives you a 100% probability of detecting POP Radar. This technology is unique to Rocky Mountain Radar detectors. In addition, we have eliminated X-Band detection. This allows us to prevent false alarms and to increase K and Ka Band sensitivity.

Undetectable to Police (detector detectors)
ODIN radar detector and laser detector incorporates a Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC), which reduces internal signals from leaking out of the antenna by up to 1/1,000,000 (one millionth) of previous levels which makes the unit totally undetectable to police. You can’t detect what’s not there!

Radar/Laser Scrambling
Police detectors need to get multiple readings sequentially in order to display a valid speed to the officer using the radar/laser gun. When ODIN detects a speed detection device, it floods the signal with additional signals making it impossible for the speed detection device to get an accurate reading.

Additional Features

  • OLED Dot Matrix Display. No need to take your focus off the road!
  • City/Highway mode
  • Mute function
  • Dim function
  • Speeding ticket rebate – that’s right if you get a speeding ticket while using our product, we’ll pay your ticket.


Radar & Laser Detector


  • 24.125 Ghz
  • 33-36 GHz
  • 904 Nano-meter


  • K – 120 Dbm
  • Ka Wide – 115 Dbm
  • Laser <.5 microwatt
  • Spectre: 100% Undetectable
  • [Spectre I, II, III; VG-2, 3]

Scrambler Specifications


  • 8.0-38.2 Ghz
  • Antenna: Dual Ridge Cast Wave Guide
  • Mixer: Custom MM Wave Schottky
  • Doppler: Pseudo Random Digital Noise Generator

LIDAR Scrambler:

  • Full Laser coverage using a synchronous pulse
  • position modulation to confuse the LIDAR computer.


This unit (ODIN) comes with a 3-year (36 month) warranty and 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee and 1 year of the Speeding Ticket Protection Program.

To qualify for the Speeding Ticket Protection Program, you must be a current, registered owner and user of a Rocky Mountain Radar Radar and Laser Scrambling product.



1 review for ODIN Laser/Radar Detector & Scrambler – VIP Special

  1. Jason Dellise (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the Odin for several months now. Even less false alarms than the Judge (if that’s even possible). Gives plenty of warning when something is detected. Haven’t spent much time on the app, but it seems pretty user friendly. My only “complaint” is that the volt meter won’t read over 4.9V. I was told that the “c” type plug can only take 5v. No idea if that’s true, and unfortunately RMR has yet to respond to me regarding that. None the less, I am very happy with it’s performance and would recommend it.

    • Justin Berestein


      Glad you like the unit, it’s our pride and joy right now.
      To answer your concerns about the voltmeter, what you were told it correct.
      USB systems operate at 5V, 4.9V is not a problem at all as long as it stays over 4.4 the unit will operate properly.

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