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Rocky Mountain Radar has always treated its employees and customers as family. We’re more interested in taking care of our family than we are with just selling product. For that reason, we have decided to introduce a brand-new service to our lineup. We’re calling this new service, Rocky Mountain Radar elite.

With this service you will never pay for another ticket or for a radar detector again. For a small monthly fee Rocky Mountain Radar will provide lifetime warranty, lifetime ticket rebate, and lifetime upgrades for your radar detector and scrambling needs. In other words, with this program you will never have to buy another radar detector. Whenever technology changes or we come out with a new model you will automatically receive a brand-new unit. No trade-in will be required, nor will you have to constantly worry about when it’s time to replace your unit.

Rather than focus solely on new product development, and selling our customers another unit, we will save you the cost and trouble of upgrading your hardware every few years. We are able to offer this service because of the quality control and performance designed into every model. For the last 30 years, Rocky Mountain Radar has been the only company in the industry able to offer a three-year warranty as well as a one-year ticket rebate.

Today, we introduce the Rocky Mountain Radar Elite Program. No longer will you have to worry about your equipment being up-to-date with the latest technology. As technology changes we will replace your equipment for you. As new user interfaces change, we will update your equipment for you. You will get all of this, at no additional cost, for as long as you stay in the elite program. We normally introduce a new model every 2 to 5 years, usually with cutting edge technology not seen with any other competitor. If there is a technology change in the police Radar industry itself, we will immediately design a new model to address that change.

Rocky Mountain Radar has decades of experience in defense electronics and electronic warfare. We use that experience to protect our customers from unwarranted speeding tickets. With approximately 1 million units on the road today, we have amassed a great deal of experience. From this experience we determined that our return rate, quality control and ticket experience allows us to offer the elite service to our customers at the nominal cost of only $13.99 per month. Not only will this service provide you with lifetime warranty, lifetime ticket rebate and lifetime product upgrades, but also access to our full suite of collateral products.

These include our cheat sheet, with 13 tips on how to avoid tickets, our full e-book, explaining how to avoid and fight speeding tickets, and our current app, which can be used to calibrate your speedometer and track trips, both personal and business. Further, you will get access to future apps that we are developing as they become available.

To introduce this program, we are reducing the cost to upgrade to the new Judge 2.0 by 75%. You get our latest, brand new product for only $100 plus $29.99 shipping and handling. The following months you will be charged only $13.99 to maintain membership in the elite program. This will be the only costs that you incur as long as you stay in our family, (except for a small shipping and handling charge when we ship you a new replacement unit).

We look forward to welcoming you to our new elite service. At the present time we are only offering this service to our existing customers – our family. Based on the success of this program, we may offer it to the general public beginning in 2019.

As an existing customer, and as is our custom, we’re making this offer to you first and hope that you can appreciate the boldness and value offered in this unique service. Nothing like this has ever been attempted in the radar and laser detector industry. Once again, Rocky Mountain Radar pioneers new technology, this time in marketing. 

Contact us now, to learn all the exciting details about the NEW Rocky Mountain Radar Elite program, currently available  only to our valued customers! Email or call us today! We are always innovating new ways to keep you safe out there on the highways!

RMR Elite Program

$13.99 / month and a $86.01 sign-up fee


Never pay for another radar detector again!

New Unit: $100.00 cost plus $29.99 P&H

Cost:  $13.99 per month


  1. Free lifetime ticket rebate
  2. Free lifetime warranty service
  3. Free lifetime product upgrades – Get a new replacement unit whenever there is a technology or new model update.
  4. Free lifetime access to our APPS as they become available.
  5. Free lifetime access to our books and cheat sheets as they become available.
  6. Free lifetime access to member newsletter that informs you of technology and legal changes in the detector industry.

Program rules: (The fine print)

  1. We will upgrade your unit whenever there is a change in the police radar/laser technology at no charge to you. These happen infrequently but we will track changes and design countermeasures as required. When complete, these will be shipped FREE of charge – except for a nominal P&H fee (currently $29.99).
  2. We will upgrade your unit whenever we have a model change in the police radar/laser detection technology at no charge to you. These usually occur at 6 – to – 30 month intervals and will contain detection technology, user interface or safety design improvements. When complete, these will be shipped FREE of charge – except for a nominal P&H fee (currently $29.99).
  3. Your unit will be replaced at no charge if stolen or damaged – except for intentional or careless damage – for a nominal P&H (currently $29.99).
  4. There will be no charge for warranty work as long as you are a member of the program.
  5. The ticket rebate program has certain restrictions (speed, construction and school zones) based upon safety considerations. See ticket rebate program for full details.
  6. If you lose or damage your unit it may be replaced for ½ the current retail price of that model plus applicable shipping and handling (currently $29.99).
  7. While current models include both scrambling and detection capabilities, these may be altered or eliminated subject to legal and technical necessity. In any case all the benefits stated above will continue to accrue.
  8. There may be a termination fee of $100.00 if you cancel your membership within the first 6-months.
  9. Termination. Warranty, Ticket Rebate and Free Upgrades terminate with the termination of the program for voluntary withdrawing or failure to make payments. You will have a 30-day grace period to reinstate the program.

Currently comes with The Judge 2.0

The EWD (Early Warning Discriminator) & TSR (Traffic Sensor Rejection) prevent false alarms by eliminating signals emitted by safety sensors on many newer vehicles. You can rest assured that when The Judge alerts you to the presence of police radar, they are near!

  • K-Band Detectionon/off Selection
  • Ka-Band Detectionon/off Selection
  • Laser Detection on/off Selection
  • Select K Wide or K Narrow Detection
  • Select Ka Wide or Ka Narrow Detection

Super Clear OLED Display
The screen is clearly visible in all lighting conditions, so you won’t have to squint, move your head or lose focus in anyway from the road.

Full 360° Radar and Laser Detection
Full, 5 mile detection of all bands and frequencies used by police, including K, Ka, super wide bands and all laser. This radar detector uses micro-scan. It enables our detectors to scan 2-4 times faster than any other detector, which gives you a 100% probability of detecting POP Radar. This technology is unique to Rocky Mountain Radar detectors. In addition, we have eliminated X-Band detection. This allows us to prevent false alarms and to increase K and Ka Band sensitivity.

Undetectable to Police (detector detectors)
The Judge radar detector and laser detector incorporates a Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC), which reduces internal signals from leaking out of the antenna by up to 1/1,000,000 (one millionth) of previous levels which makes the unit totally undetectable to police. You can’t detect what’s not there!

Radar/Laser Scrambling
Police detectors need to get multiple readings sequentially in order to display a valid speed to the officer using the radar/laser gun. When The Judge detects a speed detection device, it floods the signal with additional signals making it impossible for the speed detection device to get an accurate reading.

Additional Features

  • OLED Dot Matrix Display. No need to take your focus off the road!
  • City/Highway mode
  • Mute function
  • Dim function
  • Speeding ticket rebate – that’s right if you get a speeding ticket while using our product, we’ll pay your ticket.


Radar & Laser Detector


  • 24.125 Ghz
  • 33-36 GHz
  • 904 Nano-meter


  • K – 120 Dbm
  • Ka Wide – 115 Dbm
  • Laser <.5 microwatt
  • Spectre: 100% Undetectable
  • [Spectre I, II, III; VG-2, 3]

Scrambler Specifications


  • 8.0-38.2 Ghz
  • Antenna: Dual Ridge Cast Wave Guide
  • Mixer: Custom MM Wave Schottky
  • Doppler: Pseudo Random Digital Noise Generator

LIDAR Scrambler:

  • Full Laser coverage using a synchronous pulse
  • position modulation to confuse the LIDAR computer.


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