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  • My Rocky Mountain Radar does not seem to be picking up cop traps in Middle Ga Macon/Warner robins is there a software update. I understand radar detector is coming out escort live looks like it will work better. I seen cops pointing radar detection guns and my device wasn’t picking it up I was going the speed limit but still my radar should have detected something. The guys where laughing saying the shit doesn’t work not funny to me.

    • George,

      That does sound strange, you should receive alerts when targeted with radar.
      I would suggest that you send it in to get checked. That way we can figure out what the issue is.
      We agree this is no laughing matter and want to help you fix it.

    • Aimee,

      We would be more then happy to help with that. You can always send the unit in to be checked and repaired. If you give us a call at 915-587-0307 we would be more then happy to assist with any issue you may be experiencing.

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