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Best Police Radar Detector

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Best Police Radar Detector

Best Police Radar Detector

Because speeding tickets are so darn expensive, many people drive with radar detectors. If a radar detector spares you from even one speeding ticket, the savings can be significant. If you get caught speeding, your insurance rates could soar. Shop our site for the best police radar detector to suit your particular driving requirements.

What is a radar detector?

Radar detectors are small electronic devices that are designed to notify drivers when a police or highway patrol officer is nearby. Detectors placed in your car cabin light up or emit a noise to alert you when an officer who could ticket you is nearby. Radar detectors are not entirely foolproof, but they serve well to let you know when a cop with a Doppler radar speed detector is close enough to give you a speeding ticket. If you inadvertently exceed the speed limit, the best police radar detector will give you time to slow down before you get caught and cited for a moving violation.

Are radar detectors legal?

Most states do not prohibit the use of radar detectors in private vehicles. Of the states that disallow detectors, Virginia is among the harshest. If you are caught driving with even the best police radar detector in your car, you can be issued a ticket, even if you were not speeding at the time you were pulled over. Also, Virginia police can confiscate your car, if you are apprehended with a radar detector within the cab of your car or truck.

In Minnesota and California, you may keep a radar detector inside your car, but you are not allowed to mount it on the inside of your windshield, explains Your Mechanic magazine. The reason is not related to the way radar saves people from speeding tickets, but because these two states prohibit drivers from mounting anything that might obstruct the view through the windshield of their car, truck, van or SUV.

New York, New Jersey, and Illinois allow private vehicles to carry radar detectors, but they cannot be used in commercial vehicles. Police radar detectors with built-in laser jammers interfere with police ability to detect speed. Radio jammers can save you from a speeding ticket because they emit radio frequency signals that can give police radar guns inaccurate information. In either case, it's best that you don't get caught with a jammer, even if radar detectors are legal in your area. Laser jammers are permitted in most states, but radio frequency radar jammers are not allowed by federal law. State laws may change after this article is published, so please be sure to check the local laws in your region before buying the best police radar detector from us or anyone.

Rocky Mountain Radar is pleased to present a beautiful selection of the best police radar detectors allowed by law. Feel free to browse our online catalog or give us a call at (915) 587-0307 and tell us what you need. If you are in El Paso, we invite you to visit Rocky Mountain Radar at 6469 Doniphan Dr. Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

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Best Police Radar Detector
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RMR D-540 (Detector Only) $149.95 $75

The RMR D540 is the world’s most sophisticated radar and laser detector. It provides distinct audio and visual alerts to warn you of the presence of X, K, Ku, and Ka band radar guns as well as laser guns.

New Technology Improves Reliability and Reduces False Alarms
New DDI™ Technology (Dense Digital Integration) puts more signal processing functions in fewer IC’s for enhanced performance. more reliability and lower costs. The RMR-D540 also features Micro-Scan™ enabling these radar units to scan 2-4 times faster than any competitive detector and the RMR-D540 provides a 100% probability of detecting POP radar. The Smart-Scan™ feature also detects quicker, with less false alarms by immediately rescanning detection before continuing additional programmed scans. Includes a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. That’s double the industry standard!

Full 360° Radar and Laser Detection
Full, 3 mile detection of all bands and frequencies used by police, including X, K, Ku, Ka, super wide bands and all laser. Rocky Mountain Radar’s unique detection technology gives you a 100% probability of detecting POP Radar and virtually no false alarms.

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